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Code Nexus chapter 1-part 3
“Is that all you got?” Applejack asked Rainbow Dash, whose face seemed about to burst in flames. Truthfully she didn’t look any better herself.
“It’s not even half of what I can do!” she exclaimed, trying to fight off the need to stop putting spicy pineapple in her mouth.
Their challenge of testing their capacity for withstanding the intense heat continued for a while.
The two girls glared at each other, each trying to make the opposite flinch. Their faces were extremely sweaty, red and swollen.
In the end Rainbow Dash let out a very strong scream and leaped into Fluttershy’s direction with teary almost inflamed eyes.
Fluttershy handed to her the milk which her friend gulped down in a huff.
“Seems that you lose this one Dash.” -Applejack hiccupped- “...I could use some bread please.”
“Here it is.” Pinkie Pie offered her the soft bread she needed.
“I must assume that this challenge is over, congratulatio
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Code Nexus chapter 1-part 2
Once the podcar entered in the dome, it reached the base's main transport hub and there the team exited.
It was a very large room, in which some some rails intersected from different areas, and numerous screens showed maps and routes to take to reach the numerous rooms of the dome.
"Here we are," George said.
"We need to head to the room A-thirty-one. It’s in the underground part of the facility this way," Sarah said, pointing to a corridor whose screen indicated an arrow pointing down.
The other four followed suit and walked trough, reaching an elevator at its end. They entered it and selected the underground floor they needed to reach. Once they arrived they got out and headed to the room A-thirty-one.
Upon arriving at the door a ray came down from it's top and scanned each of them. The program inside the door's control panel used the scan's data to confirm their identities. Once it was done the door finally opened up.
"Welcome," a man wearing a lab coat said.
"Hello, we are sc
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Code Nexus chapter 1-part 1
Location: Earth, North American continent, United States, Canterbury, Canterlot high.
As the last bell of the day rang all the students of Canterlot high scrambled out of their classes and bolted for the doors.
"We want to remind you that the graduation ceremony will take place this afternoon at three pm, and that the remedial courses will start next month. Have a good summer," Luna's voice boomed out of the speakers.
Sunset Shimmer walked through the halls smiling, she was happy that school was finally over and she was looking forward to all the fun she and her friends were going to have.
They even saved their money over the year to allow themselves to make a collective vacation, and that very evening they were going to choose what was going to be the destination.
After a year of magic mishaps, from the attack of the sirens, to the Friendship Games, the only thing Sunset wanted was some peace. She was in fact going to propose to spend two weeks at a nice spa she looked up online. It w
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Art Trade 1 by JuimytheCyberShark Art Trade 1 :iconjuimythecybershark:JuimytheCyberShark 3 5 City at night by JuimytheCyberShark City at night :iconjuimythecybershark:JuimytheCyberShark 2 5 Orca Challange. by JuimytheCyberShark Orca Challange. :iconjuimythecybershark:JuimytheCyberShark 4 5 Felix the shark by JuimytheCyberShark Felix the shark :iconjuimythecybershark:JuimytheCyberShark 4 4 Infinite love 1 by JuimytheCyberShark Infinite love 1 :iconjuimythecybershark:JuimytheCyberShark 2 4 Aaron the Nexus by JuimytheCyberShark Aaron the Nexus :iconjuimythecybershark:JuimytheCyberShark 3 9
Kenny's past part 1
It was a sunny summer day in Tiburon California, and in a little house in the suburbs two friends were playing in the house's attic.
They were Katarina Cassidy and her tiger shark Kenny, playing scavenging into the sea of clutter beneath the houses's roof.
“hey Kat! check out this old fishing trophy!” The shark said emerging from a bulk of stuff a stuffed fish in his teeth “ dated 1921 yummy!” he announced in the end swallowing it whole.
Kat meanwhile was still examining another pile of rabble, until she found a kinda old book in it, and after checking it out she recognized it.
“Oh Kenny! Do you know what this is?” She asked excitedly
“is it food?” Kenny asked eagerly
“No, this is the scrapbook I made of all our times together!” she answered holding the book “ Ah, good memories” she finished with a big smile
“oooooh yeah, i can remember like if it was yesterday, let's watch the pages together” he p
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Kenny's past part 2
To find more humans to try to communicate with Kenny moved further into town, succeeding only into turning the streets into a battlefield, accidentally causing traffic accidents and scaring everyone.
As the major of the city heard of it an emergency meeting was called, and some scared citizens took part to it too.
The entire city hall was filled with panicked people, bleeding hearts and wackos.
“the terror of the sea is now on land! We are doomed!” a guy was yelling in fear.
“it caused my car to crash into a tree then it chased me making a jibberish verse! it was trying to eat me!” a woman said
“Major! you told us the shark nets would have kept us safe! how do you explain this?” a reporter from Tiburon times asked
“Everyone please calm down! We can't handle this properly if we don't have our wits” the major pleaded
In that moment however a guy broke inside the place, wearing weird clothes and talking in a strange accent
“citizens! i
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My favorite pokemons. by JuimytheCyberShark My favorite pokemons. :iconjuimythecybershark:JuimytheCyberShark 3 2
Kenny the shark: Kenny's past part 6
As the night passed, Kenny stayed in the basement thinking about what was happening.
Kenny "i can't believe it, a human who can understand me, i knew this was worth it, in your face Dan!"
He said rising his fin.
Kenny "I can't wait to see that human pup tomorrow, maybe i'll also get to know more about the humans than what i was able to understand yet"
He said keeping thinking...
Kenny "it's incredible however, how can a human be so nice while others are so agressive?"
He then went on thinking.
Kenny "well it doesn't take a genius to understand, we sharks act differently depending on our own character, maybe humans have the same capacity"
He said.
Meanwhile Kat was struggling to sleep, it was very hard for her after the discovery. Meeting a shark was her life-long dream, but that went behind it, she had a shark walking into the basement of her house, and she could understand his language.
Kat "what could i ask him tomorrow? what could i show him? maybe what feels being in the water, bei
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Kenny the shark: Kenny's past part 4
Kenny ran down the streets looking desperately for a place to hide and at the same time trying to save himself from become a fish skewer.
Kenny "must dodge harpoons!"
He yelled in his shark language while the shark hunters were practically playing target with him.
Shark hunter 1 "wow for being a fish it's pretty fast"
Shark hunter 2 "it's not escaping us anyway he can't dodge these forever"
Another one said firing another harpoon at Kenny almost hitting him...
Kenny "wow, they should make those things illegal! how comes they don't know that they can hurt themselves with them?"
Shark hunter 3 "if we catch this i pay drinks to everyone this evening!"
Shark hunter 1 "prepare to go in red so, this one won't miss!"
He said preparing his harpoon gun.
Kenny "oh guys...why is gravity so strong here!?"
He asked beginning to feel tired due to the effort needed to move in a place where your own weight could crush your body structure.
At a certain point an harpoon hit him very close to Kenny's tai
:iconjuimythecybershark:JuimytheCyberShark 3 3
Kenny the shark: Kenny's past part 3
Kenny watched as the poor guy escaped out of the petshop yelling.
Kenny "hmph, humans are more scaredy than i have thought"
He said between himself and then looking at the fist tank.
Kenny " how the seaweed do i open this?"
He then asked to himself trying to open it.
The Cassidy family and the salesman were blocked at the other side of the shop freezing in pure terror.
Peter "it's the land shark!"
Grace hold Karl tightly and tried to keep him as out of shight as she could.
Donald the salesman was the one who was most terrorized.
Donald "the land shark, what the heck did i do to deserve to finish like this? i have never kissed a girl before"
He said desperating.
Kat noticed the man's fear and so she tried to help.
Kat "don't worry sir, just remain calm and don't make any noise..."
She whispered.
Donald "yeah right, like if staying calm and silent doesn't stop a shark from feasting on your flesh..."
Kat "actually it would, sharks attack humans only if they misunderstand them fo
:iconjuimythecybershark:JuimytheCyberShark 3 6
Kenny the shark: Kenny's past part 2
After some hours the night arrived, and Kenny went further into the city, practically desert since all of it's inhabitants either escaped to San Francisco, went to the city assembly or barricaded into their homes.
Kenny "so they sleep at night...kind of lazy, oh what is this?"
He asked looking at a car nearby.
Kenny "seems some kind of metallic box...with an electric field..."
He said picking up the battery's electricity.
Kenny "maybe it's where humans keep their food! a little nibble won't hurt anyone..."
He said biting off a big part of the car.
Kenny "PUAH! tastes like the hull of a sunk ship!"
He said spitting out his mouthful of metal.
Kenny "well no food in there, let's try the other metal boxes..."
He said looking at the other cars around the place.
The following day Kat woke up pretty early, that day was very special for her...
Kat "hi dad, hi mom"
Grace "goodmorning Kat how did you sleep?"
Kat "very well thank you mom"
She said sitting on the chair nearby the table and prepari
:iconjuimythecybershark:JuimytheCyberShark 2 1



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The prize is a Logitech c920 hd pro webcam.
Got this from ChocolatteRose15

There's a hacker running around trying to change your password and post Thomas the dank train pics and make rude journals saying. " I hate you all! Go die!" So he or she will ruin your life on DA. You will get banned if one of the DA members see all of that! And it won't be your fault! So please, paste all of this in a journal so if the hacker sees, he or she will know something's up, and leave you alone. Tell all of your friends about this so they can be safe! SAVE EVERYONE BY SPREADING THE WORD!!!
“Is that all you got?” Applejack asked Rainbow Dash, whose face seemed about to burst in flames. Truthfully she didn’t look any better herself.

“It’s not even half of what I can do!” she exclaimed, trying to fight off the need to stop putting spicy pineapple in her mouth.

Their challenge of testing their capacity for withstanding the intense heat continued for a while.

The two girls glared at each other, each trying to make the opposite flinch. Their faces were extremely sweaty, red and swollen.

In the end Rainbow Dash let out a very strong scream and leaped into Fluttershy’s direction with teary almost inflamed eyes.

Fluttershy handed to her the milk which her friend gulped down in a huff.

“Seems that you lose this one Dash.” -Applejack hiccupped- “...I could use some bread please.”

“Here it is.” Pinkie Pie offered her the soft bread she needed.

“I must assume that this challenge is over, congratulations Applejack. You have proven that you have got the strongest palate of any of us.” Rarity complimented her friend. “Again.”

“It was a piece of cake...” Applejack swallowed the bread, chewing it up quickly and spreading it all around her mouth.

“Eww… Applejack at least keep your mouth closed,” Rarity recoiled at the sight. Applejack simply glared at her, making sure to chew extra loudly.

After removing the most spicy feeling, Applejack and Rainbow Dash started to sooth their sore mouths using some of the leftover ice cream, consuming it whole.

“Let’s not do that again for, say, a couple weeks,” Rainbow Dash exclaimed, relieved.

“Ah told ya, Granny’s superspiced cider makes you build up a resistance.” Applejack winked.

The seven friends exchanged some chuckles and smiles, until Pinkie Pie decided that it was time for the highlight of the evening.

“Aaattention please!” Pinkie Pie gently hit a glass of fruit punch with a spoon causing everyone to turn to her.

“As you all remember, last year we decided that this summer should be memorable, and to achieve that we decided to start a collective funding. So that with the money we managed to save we can go to wherever we want, the way we prefer: all together!” She said cheerfully.

“Pinkie Pie, we already know that, there’s no need for this.” Rainbow folded her arms.

“I wanted to add a dramatic effect, silly. Anyway, time to check on the bundle!” She pulled out pair of UV vision goggles from her hair. Using them she was able to localize a loose tile,. which she removed and pulled out a large safe. She opened the combination lock and pulled out of it another smaller safe, and another, and another until she arrived at a small metallic box.

“Stone-cutters,” she whispered to the box causing it to open, revealing a key. She quickly moved to a family painting, removed it and opened up a safe behind it, taking out a sack with a label on: ‘Money for summer vacation.’

“There!” She presented the sack to her friends.

“Pinkie… wasn’t all this a little excessive?” Twilight asked her friend, looking weirded out.

“It’s Pinkie security!” she answered, untying the sack and revealing the money inside.

“With all this money we can go wherever we want to, especially now that there's seven of us to help contribute." Pinkie winked at Twilight, who smiled back.

“Oh yeah! I got the perfect way to spend it!” Rainbow Dash announced.

“Not so fast, Dashie,” Pinkie Pie exclaimed.

“That’s right Rainbow, we need to discuss this first. I suggest we sit down at the table outside and let everybody voice their ideas,” Twilight suggested.

“Fine fine, but trust me, you’ll all love my suggestion!” She smiled proudly.

The girls walked outside and reached a table nearby the pool, took their seats and Pinkie placed the sack in the center of the table.

“Okay girls! Name your suggestions!” Pinkie Pie cheerfully exclaimed.

“Here’s mine!” Rainbow Dash slammed on the table a brochure.

The piece of folded paper advertised something called ‘Camp Extreme: retreat for extreme sports lovers.’ On each page there were photos of people practicing different extreme activities, such as skydiving, deltaplane, ziplining, skateboarding, bungee jumping and even cage diving.

“Four weeks of extreme sports, twenty-four seven, from the least extreme to the extremely extreme, without a break! Who wouldn’t want to go there?” Rainbow Dash asked sarcastically.

“Uhm… it sounds dangerous, and potentially painful…” -Fluttershy flinched- “...if I may, I have something safer in mind. Yesterday while browsing the internet I came across an announcement from a group of ecologists, offering the possibility of following them in the observation of rare birds during their migration. There are seven places available.“

Rainbow Dash looked uninterested, while Applejack cleared her throat.

“Ah got another suggestion, Rodeo road trip!” -she took a map of the US out of her hat and put it on the table- “I signed here the locations of all the rodeos of this summer,” -she moved her hand on the map, which was covered in red and golden dots- “The red ones are normal rodeos, while the golden ones represent the unmissables.”

“Hmm, so far we got quite a nice number of ideas, Rarity, any suggestion?” Pinkie asked.

“Two words my friends: NEW YORK!!! I bet that with this much money we could book rooms in a decent hotel in the heart of the big apple, we could visit stores, landmarks, enjoy a musical in Broadway and maybe even participate to a fashion show!” The budding fashionista eagerly suggested.

“Twilight, your turn to suggest,” Pinkie Pie nodded towards Twilight.

“Well… I know you might not want to, but I’d suggest that we spend the money visiting the CERN in Switzerland,“ Twilight explained.

“The what?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“The CERN, it’s the most important science facility in the world,” Twilight patiently explained.

Sunset looked thoughtfully, as she thought Rainbow Dash suggested something indeed exciting, while Twilight wanted to visit the capital of science itself.

“Ahem, girls,” Sunset spoke up. “I have a suggestion too.”

“Go ahead Sunset, tell us what you have in mind for a dream vacation,” Pinkie Pie cheerfully said.

“Well, while some days ago I was checking for potential vacation sites and found this.” She took out her phone. “It’s a spa in California, nearby Malibu. I thought we could go there and enjoy some relaxation for a couple weeks. As you see there are lots of different packages each of us can take, for example the tropical package or the energetic retirement package.”

Rainbow Dash looked a bit interested at the last mention.

“My, it surely looks promising,” Rarity said.

“And peaceful…“ Fluttershy remarked.

“I thought you might like going there, considering everything that happened lately,” Sunset continued. ”Honestly I have to say that I’ve been feeling really stressed in the past few months, after what happened with the sirens, the Friendship Games and the everfree, so I thought that a nice two weeks at this spa would benefit us all.”

“Oh darling, we didn’t know you were feeling so bad lately.” Rarity put an hand on her mouth.

“You could have told us sooner,” Rainbow Dash said.

“It’s not that bad, it's just a bit… irksome.”

“Uhm If you feel this way, I’d like to withdraw my previous suggestion,” Fluttershy whispered shyly.

“Don’t, your idea is just as good as mine for a vacation. If you want to go somewhere else it’s okay to me,” Sunset answered.

The girls exchanged looks, thinking about what to decide.

Sarah’s drone stopped just in time to not get crushed.

“It appears that the passage is blocked,” she reported, which was also confirmed by the camera feed.

A circular, smooth wall was obstructing the passage.

“My passage is blocked too, X rays uneffective,” George said.

“Mine too.” Karla stopped her drone

“Same here.” Rupert did just as the others.

“What are the orders?” Sarah asked.

In the control room people were confused as well.

“Mr. Hubberton, it appears we have encountered some kind of complication. There seems to be blockades on the base’s center, the X rays were uneffective.” the director explained.

However Mr. Hubberton seemed a little… distracted.

“What do you mean you didn’t know? You told me th…” Mr. Hubberton seemed to be talking to somebody else in his room, but once he noticed that the director questioned him he quickly gave him attention. “Ahem… I saw the footage from the drones, thank you. Is there any way to open it?”

“Unlikely, there doesn’t seem to be any mechanism or bolt we can open, it’s as if this… wall was made of pure coarse black metal,” Berry explained through an open videochat.

“Maybe we should try and cut through it?” a technician suggested.

“I second that, It would be a great occasion to test the drone’s laser drills,” the general approved.

“What’s your opinion, Mr Hubberton?” the director asked.

After looking thoughtful for a couple seconds, the old man spoke up. “Exploring this base wholly takes priority, order the pilots to use the laser drills,”

“It will be done. Tell them to use the laser drills,” the director ordered.

“Prepare to engage the drills.” Another man opened up a communication channel.

The order arrived immediately and the pilots obeyed. One by one they positioned the drones in the center of the circular walls and pressed the button that activated the laser.

Each drone deployed an arm, that at it’s end had what looked like a torch. Once the torch was lit a beam hit the wall, starting to heat the impact point.

“Lasers activated,” a man observed the infra-ray feed.

“Temperature of the target: three hundred degrees celsius after a 20 seconds irradiation, rising exponentially.”

“We should be able to open a gap shortly,” the director addressed Mr. Hubberton.

“You better…” Hubberton answered sternly.

The laser was held in place for some minutes, slowly heating up the wall making it incandescent. The infrared reading showed that the point of irradiation was reaching one thousand five hundred celsius degrees.

“The resistance of that metal is remarkable, I wonder what kind of alloy is.” A man observed the screen showing the footage.

“It’s probably based on tungsten or molybdenum,” another one said.

“It’s plausible, but it shouldn’t have this heat resistance.” The former one looked thoughtfully at the screen.

“How thick do you think it is?” another person asked.

“We don’t know until we poke through,” the engineer answered

“It appears to be ineffective, I’m raising the power,” Sarah said, seeing the absence of results.

The laser shone brighter, and it seemed that it finally reached the wall’s melting point.

“Infrared reading: target approaching three thousands degrees heat,” an engineer said.

“Accumulation cells stable, but approaching capacity,” an engineer reported.

Just when it was reaching maximum power, Sarah's drone managed to poke through.

“I think my laser got through,” she announced. After a moment she added, “I confirm my statement.”

“Very well, proceed to create a hole big enough for the drone to get in,” Berry told her.

“I’ll… One moment.” Suddenly lights inside the tunnels turned on. “What’s going on!?”

The light was coming from streams running on the sides of the tunnel. They looked like delicate stripes that until then weren't even visible to the eye, but now they were emitting a crimson red light.

“Mr. Hubberton, it appears that we triggered some sort of alarm,” the director informed him.

“What?” The CEO asked surprised.

“I’ll be honest, the idea of going to a spa doesn’t really feel like me. But I guess even athletes need to relax sometimes too, right?” Rainbow Dash joked.

“And Ah think that after a year of apple picking for hours every day some rest won’t hurt.” Applejack winked.

“Looks like your proposal is gathering a lot of approval Sunset,” Pinkie Pie smiled.

“Oh girls, you don’t have to withdraw your suggestions just because of me,” Sunset said.

“Ah, don’t worry partner. A vacation is for relaxin’, and you really need some. There will be other rodeos to visit next year.” The farmgirl smiled.

“Exactly, and it’s not like Camp Extreme is going to close anytime soon.” Rainbow Dash folded her arms behind her head.

“What do you say think?” Sunset asked Rarity, Fluttershy and Twilight.

“Oh darling, I’d love to visit such a luxurious spa,” Rarity answered eagerly.

“I like the idea too,” Fluttershy whispered timidly.

“Twilight?” Pinkie Pie asked.

“Well, it might be less exciting than going to the CERN and visiting the LHC. However, I guess it can be my occasion to verify a theory I formulated when I was about ten years old.” -She took out her phone again- “Stimulation of the spinal nerves, way to achieve more fluid movements or potential cause of paralysis?”

Everybody looked quite weirded out by that.

“Alright… ahem, you didn’t tell us your idea Pinkie, what was it?” Sunset asked.

“Oh! Well I was going to suggest to go to Washington DC, Georgetown to be precise, home to the makers of the world’s biggest cupcake!!!” She said hysterically. “But, unlike this summer, it won’t go away.”

“Oh thank you so much for this girls, I can’t wait to go to Malibu with you!” Sunset smiled widely, thinking about how lucky she was to have such caring friends.

“Then it’s decided!” Pinkie announced. “We are going to Malibu California!!!”

“The sensors are picking up an energy signature!” A technician read some worrisome data on his screen.

“We must have triggered something! Do we have permission to abort?” the director asked.

“Affirmative, retreat immediately,” the general answered.

“No wait, we need to record what happens,” Mr. Hubberton interjected.

“What? But sir, we don’t know what could happen!” the director said, before being cut off by the general.

“Mr. Hubberton, there are soldiers there! Not to mention the fact that these machines are owned by the army! I have a jurisdiction on this!” The general barked.

“Don’t you give orders to me, these machines have been manufactured by my company, and so is that base. If any you dare disobey you can consider yourselves fired,” The CEO angrily responded.

The result was that nobody contradicted him, much to the general’s anger.

“We lost contact with one of the drones!” Berry said trough the videochat.

“I think something shot my drone!” Sarah took her visor off as it went black showing ‘connection error’ and her gimbal stopped moving.

“Wait what is this? An eye is poking out the wall?” Karla questioned just before her drone faced the same destiny of Sarah’s.

“I lost contact with mine too!” Rupert said.

“I’ll have to diseng- what the!?” George exclaimed in bewilderment as he saw something that looked like a black sphere poking through a circular aperture in the metallic wall. It was dotted with what looked like cameras. From one of them a ray of red light was generated which proceeded to scan the drone, passing over it three times. Afterwards the sphere shone with a rainbow aura, then particles of red colored energy started to rotate in front of it, which condensed into a sphere.

The pilot didn’t manage to get away in time and the sphere was launched towards the drone, disintegrating it on impact.

“The last drone has been destroyed,” Berry informed the control room.

A few moments later a tremor could be felt, then it grew in intensity steadily.

“What in the world is going on!?” An executive asked.

“I don’t know!” another one answered as he freaked out.

The dome was built using stabilizing systems so it resisted well, however the people inside of it were still taken by surprise.

“Mr. Hubberton we are experiencing…” The director’s was cut off by a sudden blackout which affected the base, the entire island and parts of the neighboring countries.

The energy that radiated from the island was immediately picked up by Twilight’s system and notified her, just as a powerful magic wave started to propagate from the island.

“Twilight? is somebody calling you?” Rainbow Dash asked, hearing Twilight’s phone ringing loudly.

“It’s not a call, it’s my magic scanner, it must have picked up something!” Twilight said.

The Rainbooms quickly gathered around her, forgetting for a minute what they had been debating.

“Is it something big?” Applejack asked

“Where is it?” Sunset asked.

“I’m looking, give me a moment!” Twilight tapped quickly, focusing on the coordinates given by the scanner. “Oh my…” her eyes grew wide as she read the data.

“How bad is it Twilight? what are in front of?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“How intense does the magic seem to be? Do you know yet?” Sunset worriedly awaited.

“It’s... it’s off the charts! It goes beyond the scale I devised!” Twilight yelled.

“Heads up!” Pinkie Pie informed them as her Pinkie Sense kicked in once again.

All the girls braced themselves including Twilight.

In that moment the wave reached them, and being very tuned with magic, they felt it phase through them, causing them to shiver.

“What… was… that?!” Rainbow Dash began to recover.

“It felt like drinking zap-apple cider… a whole gallon of it,” Applejack added.

“Oh my, I thought I was going to feint.” Rarity adjusted her hair.

“That was scary…” Fluttershy whispered, still shaking.

“A magic wave… that was a magic wave!” Sunset Shimmer realized after recoiling.

“A what?” Rainbow asked

“A magic dispersion wave… It’s caused when a very powerful spell is cast and then withdrawn,” Sunset explained.

“I… I need to go to my place! I can track its origin with my computer!” Twilight said.

“We’re coming with you Twilight!” Pinkie Pie said while the others while the others nodded in agreement.

Twilight looked around at her friends. Of all the things she’d gained after transferring to CHS, not having to face difficult situations by herself was the best. “Thanks girls. But we better hurry!”

Location: Earth, Central America, Costa Rica, Hubberton Island.

Hubberton Island was a small atoll that served as residence of the corporation’s founder. In the middle of it’s plain surface, a residence stood above the forest. It was a very squared and technological home, it had a swimming pool, a golf field, a helicopter pad and a communication tower. The walls were mostly white and kept spotless, as were the the crystal windows. On the inside there was almost no decor, except for holographic plants and paintings appearing on cornerless screens embedded in the walls.

Gregory Hubberton was in his studio, a very large room in the middle of the villa. Inside of it there was only a large touch screen desk in the center, and around it multiple screens were floating, projected from the holographic devices installed inside the corners of the roof. From that very room, he was capable of controlling his entire company.

“This was inexcusable Hubberton! You can do whatever you want with your company’s assets but you can’t endanger my men!” The General was talking through a chat window at the left of Hubberton’s desk.

“Mr. Montoyez, I implore you to keep your composure. I’m receiving automatic reports coming from the base’s computer, everything is perfectly fine and so are your men. You shouldn’t have these outbursts, we are both grownups after all,” the man answered calmly.

“Outbursts?! Mr. Hubberton, I wonder how you’d react if somebody put the lives of your employee at risk!” The general’s anger kept rising.

“This isn’t the time nor the situation to speak about this,” Hubberton answered annoyedly.

“You are lucky we are bound by contract… Still be sure that this isn’t over,” the general answered, closing the connection.

Hubberton’s face assumed a disgusted look. An imbecile, he thought.

He then turned his attention to the screen in front of him.

“So, what do you have to say about this? Have we found what we were looking for?” he asked

“Yes, if it wasn’t for this little… complication our plan could have already gone into action,” a metallic voice echoed in the room.

“Do you have any idea of how to open it?” Hubberton asked.

“Unfortunately I lack the calculational power to do so, but the alarm these humans set off inside should have alerted them by now,” the voice continued to say.

Hubberton leaned forward in his chair. “Very well XANA, how should we proceed now?”

By the time the girls arrived at Twilight's it was already eleven pm. Being careful not to wake her parents, they slowly crept up to Twilight's room.

She sat immediately at her workstation and accessed the program.

“Okay. Isolate the source of the anomaly. Extrapolate coordinates. Send representation!” She dialed the commands.

On the side screens digits appeared, as well as windows, graphs and maps. On the central screen there was the control interface and the model of the globe, and slowly it closed in on somewhere specific on the map.

“I got it,” Twilight announced.

“Where is it?” Sunset asked.

“Is it somewhere far far away? Like a Mayan temple or the Pyramids or… or Stonehenge!?” Pinkie Pie asked nervously, her eyes almost showing one landmark at a time.

“Not even close… If these coordinates are correct, the epicenter was in Sunrise island, Australia,” Twilight said.

“Sunrise Island? I’ve heard of it, it’s a tourist destination for surfers,” Rarity said.

“Did it have anything to do with magic in the past?” Fluttershy timidly asked.

“Doesn’t seem so… but still, the fact remains that it generated more magical energy than anything I have ever recorded.” Twilight stood up. “It even topped the one I obtained from the Friendship Games.”

The girls looked shocked upon hearing so.

“How can it be more powerful than that?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“I wish I knew… is it possible that there are other passages to Equestria on our world?” Twilight asked.

“Not that I know of, the mirror should be the only access, and if there were other accesses the princesses would have known,” Sunset explained.

“This is going to be a problem… we need to go there and investigate.” Twilight stood up.

“Go there? But how?” Rainbow Dash asked.

The girls exchanged confused looks. Sunset Shimmer bit her lip. She was tired of the constant trials, having to stand up to magical enemies far more powerful than her. Part of her wanted to sit this one out, figuring Earth had lasted millions of years without her help.

But she knew first hand how dangerous magic could be, and such a concentration of it in their world could have become a real menace. Whether it was fair to her or not, she was probably the world’s leading expert on magic. When it came down to it she didn’t have much of a choice at all.

“We could use the vacation money,” Sunset said.

“Use the vacation money?” Pinkie Pie asked shocked, just as the others looked too.

“But Sunset, what about your spa vacation idea?” Applejack asked.

“Girls, this takes priority. Such a concentrate of magic can’t be ignored, we need to get there and discover what’s going on. It might be nothing, but it could also be something serious,” Sunset explained.

“You… do have a point,” Applejack said.

The others nodded in agreement.

“I’ll start looking up the hotels on the island…” Twilight sat back in front of the computer and pulled up her internet browser, searching for the sites of the island’s hotels.

Sunset sighed, thinking that their vacation was already starting badly.
Code Nexus chapter 1-part 3
When Twilight discovers magic coming from a popular tourist destination, the Rainbooms are forced to spend their summer investigating the strange island. But they're not the only ones. Others also venture to the island, each with their own reasons.

In this crossover the following stories will meet: My Little Pony Equestria Girls, Steven Universe, Dexter's lab, Kenny the shark, and last but not least Code Lyoko! Plus there will be my OC.

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Once the podcar entered in the dome, it reached the base's main transport hub and there the team exited.

It was a very large room, in which some some rails intersected from different areas, and numerous screens showed maps and routes to take to reach the numerous rooms of the dome.

"Here we are," George said.

"We need to head to the room A-thirty-one. It’s in the underground part of the facility this way," Sarah said, pointing to a corridor whose screen indicated an arrow pointing down.

The other four followed suit and walked trough, reaching an elevator at its end. They entered it and selected the underground floor they needed to reach. Once they arrived they got out and headed to the room A-thirty-one.

Upon arriving at the door a ray came down from it's top and scanned each of them. The program inside the door's control panel used the scan's data to confirm their identities. Once it was done the door finally opened up.

"Welcome," a man wearing a lab coat said.

"Hello, we are scout team one, ready for the job," Sarah said, while the others stood at attention.

"Excellent, I'm Berry Parker,” he introduced himself. “I'm your supervisor here under the recommendation of colonel Heathrow. Please follow me, I'll show you the devices.”

He lead them to another section of the room in which four unconventional machines awaited. They looked like gimbals, only that at their center, usually occupied by a gyroscope, there was a chair. Their armrests were equipped with controls and screens. They were similar to the ones used by the astronauts during training, except they had some electronics inside the chassis and cables coming out them running into the floor.

"What are these supposed to be?" Sarah asked.

"Well, do any you have any knowledge of the Hummingbird 2000?" he asked.

"Of course, it's a project of the USAF to build helicopters capable omni-directional flight, It's in the prototype phase at the moment," George answered.

"Very good. As a matter of fact, four of those have passed the prototype state and are in this very site. They have also been modified to enable long distance control through these devices," he explained, indicating the gimbals.

"You mean we are going to pilot the new generation of airborne transport?" Rupert asked, bewildered.

"Exactly, and your first mission will be to map this island's interiors, " the man explained.

"To map this island's interiors? Could you be more clear?" Sarah placed her hand under the chin.

"Please direct your attention at this table." He stepped on a sensor that caused the floor to open and a touchscreen table to elevate.

The team gathered around it, and observed a map of the island shown on it.

"Thanks to satellite reconnaissance we have been able to locate a network of underground geological formations, that we believe to be tunnels of unknown origin. We don't know what they are for or even if they are artificial, but we managed to acquire a drilling system capable of reaching them and release some drones for direct exploration," the man explained. As he did so imagines of the drills and of the drones showed up on the table.

“The drones communicate with these machines via crypted large band frequencies.” -Images of the gimbals appeared on the table- “The delay is minimal, they can be controlled through the joysticks in front of the chairs, while on the armrests there are the controls for the camera, sensors and probes. By moving this cursor on the touchscreen you can switch between normal camera, infrared rays, ultraviolet rays, sonar and x-rays. However, they can be activated only for a short period of time as they risk overheating the drone.”

He started to illustrate the controls on the right armrests. “Those gloves on the right armrests allow you to control the probes, the sample extractors and the claw arm. The red button on the right armrest activates a high frequency laser cutter. The visors are capable of projecting the feed of the cameras right to your eyes. All the data you will acquire will be transferred to a separate server for scientific purposes, and will be streamed directly to the general and to the CEO of the Hubberton Corporation, so please be professional.”

“Understood,” the team said in unison.

"The drills will be operational in a short time. You can use this time to familiarize yourselves with the controls. But don't worry, they have been engineered so that it would be little to no different from piloting a helicopter," the man finished.

The four pilots saluted, then they picked a machine each and started to study them while trying the seats.

After a couple matches the game ended with Rainbow Dash’s team winning with a very slim vantage, only eleven points to ten.

“That was a nice game,” Applejack complimented while drying herself.

“Yeah, you put up a good fight. Can’t wait for a rematch later.” Rainbow Dash winked to her.

"Sure thing. But next time Ah don't plan on goin' down so easy," Applejack exclaimed confidently.

“Okay girls, now how about we get changed and then hit the buffet?” Pinkie Pie suggested. “I made sure to order all the best summer treats, I even had the Cakes give me some of the fresh ingredients they use for their baking.”

The group approved. After they were done drying up, they put their clothes back on and made their way into the kitchen to the kitchen led by Pinkie Pie.

Once they got inside they all stood in front of a table in the middle of the room with a veil on it.

“Here all the treats to help you start this summer with the right foot.” Pinkie removed the veil revealing what was underneath it.

“We have summer fruit salad here, summer tabasco pineapple over here, sliced watermelon over here, cubed watermelon here, summer fruit punch” -She took a deep breath- “make your own fruit skewer, you can use melon, watermelon, and pineapple, aaaand...” She paused for dramatic effect, “the ice cream!” She finished by indicating three cream cups, which contained vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream.

“And for our little Spike...” she put a bowl in front of him. “A whole sack of K-Nine Crunchies ummer edition!”

"Pinkie, that's way too much!" Twilight exclaimed. Spike's ears drooped.

"Relax, Twilight. They're diet treats." Pinkie shook her head, as if this should have been obvious.

"What? They don't even make- oh, they are diet." Twilight examined the bag. "And all natural too. I guess that's okay then."

Spike wagged his tail and dug in, while the others started to do so with their own food.

“I’m gonna have some tabasco pineapple with double sauce!” Rainbow Dash said, taking a slice out of it and spreading more hot sauce all over it.

“Same for me too.” Applejack grabbed a couple of slices as well.

“I’ll eat some salad, thank you,” Fluttershy said taking a plate and putting some on it gently .

Sunset approached the buffet, made herself two fruit skewers, and took some vanilla ice cream to go with them. She took a spoon and started to eat her dish.

“Hey Rarity, some ice cream?” Sunset asked upon noticing the few foods on Rarity’s plate.

“Oh heavens no, it might be a party but i need to watch my figure. This fruit is more than enough for me.” She politely refused.

“Okay,” Sunset said, putting a spoonful of ice cream in her mouth.

Twilight on the other hand was looking at the skewers and at the fruit in front of her, a thoughtful expression on her face.

“Twilight? What are you waiting for?” Sunset asked.

“I just can’t decide, there are so many possibilities, I could make a pineapple, melon, watermelon skewer but probably the flavors would overlap badly. I could make multiple skewers and taste them individually but I’m impatient to try the combinations, and I have to consider making some with multiple of the same fruit.” Twilight looked at the objects thinking about what to do.

Sunset smiled and started eating her dish.

“Well, having fun anyways?” she asked, swallowing a spoonful of vanilla ice cream.

“Oh I certainly am, the water polo match you had was exciting, and Rainbow’s serving techniques were a good match for Applejack’s defence strategy.” She started to skewer a first piece of pineapple. “Off to a good start, pineapples are full of digestive enzymes.”

“I agree they were pretty great. Did you see how Applejack deflected Rainbow’s sonic rain-ball?” She remembered how well Applejack managed to respond to Rainbow’s most powerful serve.

“How could I not?” Twilight skewered another piece of fruit. “The way she stopped the ball was so professional, her strength is literally above the high-average curve.”

“Thank yah, Twi.” Applejack joined them. “It’s all thanks to some farmwork and fresh air.”

“Well, I can’t deny their good effects. Speaking of which how are things going at the farm?” Twilight asked.

“Pretty good, the trees are growing strong and the apple products are selling fairly well,” Applejack answered. “There was that time when the Flim Flam brothers tried to compete with us using their cider squeezy thing but you all remember how that turned out...”

All the girls and Spike assumed a disgusted look remembering that terrible event…

“How could we forget, that ‘cider’ was so bad not even a dog would drink it...” Pinkie Pie said.

“I confirm and subscribe...” Spike added.

“I remember how many trees that stupid thing ruined...” Fluttershy looked down sadly “...the animal shelter has never been busier.”

“Yeah, their machine was definitely built too cheap,” Twilight remarked. “While the idea was good it was realized terribly, I mean… They didn’t even have a closed cycle sensor system, nor a juice filter or a fail-safe security system! No wonder it couldn’t tell the difference between a good apple and a rotten apple at higher work speed.”

“Ah seriously hope you don’t suddenly get in on the apple business,” Applejack remarked. “You’d make me and my family go broke.”

“If I ever decided to do something like that, I’d rather try to help you modernize your farm.” Twilight winked causing Applejack to smile.

“Speaking of which” -Twilight took her phone- “I took the liberty of writing a plantation-harvest plan for your farm, as you see in the parameters there are the apple tree’s growth rate, the time needed for an apple to become ripe, the average time for a complete harvest and even the possible effects of weather.” She illustrated everything with a mini-presentation.

“Ahem...thank you a lot Twilight, but Ah think that we are fine as of now. Still it was thoughtful of you,” Applejack answered.

“Don’t worry I have a copy of it, it’s on my computer,” she explained.

“Speaking of computers!” Pinkie Pie appeared in a blur with her face all covered in ice cream of different flavors. “How is your magic-finding-thingy doing?”

“Oh that, thank you for touching the topic Pinkie,” she said, switching back to the radar screen. “So far no major magic readings, only some haggard traces of magic somewhere in Europe, but according to the scale it’s no menace, seems we won’t be facing anything anytime soon.”

“Well, that’s a relief.” Fluttershy smiled.

“Good… I kinda feel a tingle in my Pinkie sense however… weird,” Pinkie Pie said.

“Your… what?” Twilight asked.

“Oh! We didn’t tell you? it’s a sense that warns me when something is going to happen!” she explained.

“You mean like a sixth sense?” Twilight asked.

“It’s actually like… twelve senses wrapped up into one,” she explained, almost causing Twilight to tilt her head in confusion.

“Ahem… nevermind,” Twilight said in the end, while Pinkie swallowed the entire content of her plate.

“Ooh, quick get some milk!” Pinkie Pie’s hair started to vibrate.

“Why do you need…?” Twilight was interrupted upon hearing what Rainbow Dash and Applejack had in mind.

“Challenge to who eats more tabasco pineapple! The winner gets to serve the ball first in the next water polo match!” Rainbow Dash teased.

“You sure you want to lose? Ah managed to drink Granny Smith’s super spiced cider.” Applejack assumed a very confident look.

They filled their plates, almost emptying the container of Tabasco Pineapple.

“Oh dear… I’ll go grab the water.” Fluttershy ran to the fridge.

“I’ll get some bread.” Pinkie Pie ran to the pantry instead.

The two challengers just looked in each other's eyes and after a nod they started to chow down on their plates. As they did their faces started to swell and redden.

“Let’s hope they don’t end up with burns in their mouths,” Sunset said.

“I surely hope not...” Maud Pie said, coming out of nowhere.

“And where did you come from!?” Sunset shrieked upon her arrival.

“Boulder was thirsty, he was in the mood for fruit punch, so I brought him here to grab him something to drink.” She went to the buffet, took a bowl of punch and dropped Boulder in. “Dig in…” Her expression remained unemotional and unchanged.

“Fueling of number one completed.” A man observed a screen in front of him, seeing that the level of fuel was at the top.

“Fueling of number two and three completed too,” another man added.

“Number three ready.” A woman checked the values.

“Four ready to rip,” another technician said.

“The drills are ready,” the lead technician exclaimed into a video-phone, informing the executives up in the control room.

In the control room it was a little more crowded than before as ten more executives and experts joined them.

“Roger,” the man answered, “stand by. Are the drones ready for dispatch?” he then asked another man online, the one responsible for the drones.

“Affirmative, the drones have been recharged and are ready to go. I have been informed that the piloting team is ready as well.” The man stood composed in front of the phone’s camera.

“Excellent, move the drones out of the recharge room and proceed to lodge them into the drills,” the executive instructed.

“Roger sir,” the man said.

“The geologists confirm that the ground is safe, and that the drilling paths have been tracked and set,” a woman said.

“The scientific division at the headquarters is online, they’ll be able to stream the data as soon as the exploration begins.” Another woman monitored the communication system. Meanwhile, in the room that contained the driving mechanisms, the pilots were trying them out.

“That guy was for real, it is like piloting a helicopter, except it’s even easier,” George said from his seat, moving inside the gimbal as he tried a simulated flight program.

“Simulation completed, returning to standby mode,” A computerized voice spoke through the headset as the machine returned the seat to a stable position.

“I think I’m getting the hang of it too,” Rupert exclaimed.

“Activating claw arm, extending claw arm, reaching objective, objective reached.” Sarah’s visor was showing as she was exercising with the claw arm.

“Good. While it’s still a simulator, it appears that they made quite a good job with the actuators,” she remarked as the simulation ended.

“Scouting team one, prepare for mission commencement,” the speaker announced.

“You heard the man, everybody stop fooling around,” Karla said.

The rest of the group got in the seats and fastened their safety belts. Once they were done they waited for orders. After a few minutes the call arrived at the control room.

As before luminous pixels started to appear on the domed roof forming a screen showing Hubberton’s face. Beside him another screen formed showing a general.

“Everything is completed, sir. We are ready to start exploring the underground structure.” The director stood up along with the other nine people inside the room.

“You may proceed.” Hubberton’s fingers formed a pyramid.

“Powering up the drills.” A woman tapped commands on her desk.

Inside the drill’s room, the four machines started to activate. Fuel flowed inside their engines and the drill heads started to turn as fast as they could.

“Power up completed. Awaiting drop off authorization,” one of the technicians said trough the videophone.

“Authorization granted.” The man quickly pressed a large red button after removing its cover, lowering the drills on the ground. Immediately the four machines penetrated the soil and disappeared inside Earth’s crust.

In the room everything was being monitored.

“Drills descending. Courses diversified, no variations in the paths registered.” one of the executives exclaimed.

“Contact with the structure scheduled in two minutes.” Different voices started to overlap inside the room while Hubberton observed the observed the progress in silence.

After the two minutes, the drills started to come in contact with the tunnels one by one. Some managed to pierce the tunnels by the side, while others instead pierced them through the top falling down. They managed with minimal damage. Once they got in a stable position they deployed some stabilizing legs and arms.

“We’re in,” one of the people in the control room said.

“The drills are stable, open them up,” another executive ordered.

At the command the drills were opened through a remote signal revealing the hummingbird drones inside. As they powered up red lights turned on around their cameras and retractable wings protruded from their mechanical bodies.

Inside the control room lights started to turn on around the gimbals, and beepings sounds could be heard. The visors of the scouting team showed a progressive bar that once completed was replaced by the writing ‘drone ready’ and the images from their cameras appeared. Each member of the team then grabbed their joysticks. As they did the drones started to soar inside the tunnels, while the gimbals mimicked their inclination and direction.

The tunnels were quite large, at least two hundred meters in diameter. They seemed to be made of a very shiny kind of metal, and there didn’t seem to be any natural light.

“Interesting.” Sarah guided her drone into the middle of the tunnel. “Magnify.” she ordered, managing to see to the end of the tunnel.

“It seems there’s some kind of crossing at the end of my tunnel,” she said.

“I saw something similar too, I’ll proceed in it’s direction,” George said.

“I appear to be in a tunnel made of some kind of metal, but there appears to be debris and a large amount of water. Probably filtrating in from the ocean, I’ll take a sample.” Karla said, starting to use the sample taker.

“It appears that I’m in some kind of large storage room, turning on infrareds for better reconnaissance.” Rupert turned on the infrared scanners, revealing that the drone was indeed in some kind of storage room, filled with strange cylindrical containers.

The four drones hovered inside the tunnels for a while. They tried different kinds of scans, took samples of the materials and simply mapped out the area.

Their progress was monitored by the control room, which also had a still forming map, which extended each time a drone reached a new section. The resulting imagine was that of a spiderweb of intersecting tunnels spreading from a structure in the center.

“Dear lord...” a man from the control center said as the map kept taking shape.

“It’s artificial, there is no other explanation.” A woman placed a hand on her mouth in disbelief.

“What could it possibly be? a mine maybe? A system of wells? A facility?” A man watched the the screen thoughtfully.

“Good, it appears that the hummingbirds are a success, and that they found the motherlode you were talking about. The military did well to fund your exploration Mr. Hubberton,” the general said.

“Is it possible to communicate with the pilots of the drones?” Hubberton asked impassively.

“Well, of course sir,” the director said.

“Then order them to move towards the center of the formation, without delay.” The CEO’s expression grew more serious as he spoke.

The director obeyed and transmitted the order to the room A-thirty-one.

“Pilots we just got a direct order from the CEO. You need to head towards the center of the formation immediately,” Berry said to them.

“Affirmative.” The pilots turned their drones around making them go in the desired direction following the map appearing on their visors.

“I’m the closest.” Sarah gently increased her speed.

“I should be able to have a visual contact in three, two, one… Oh!” Her eyes grew wide as she desperately decelerated.
Code Nexus chapter 1-part 2
When Twilight discovers magic coming from a popular tourist destination, the Rainbooms are forced to spend their summer investigating the strange island. But they're not the only ones. Others also venture to the island, each with their own reasons.

In this crossover the following stories will meet: My Little Pony Equestria Girls, Steven Universe, Dexter's lab, Kenny the shark, and last but not least Code Lyoko! Plus there will be my OC.

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Location: Earth, North American continent, United States, Canterbury, Canterlot high.

As the last bell of the day rang all the students of Canterlot high scrambled out of their classes and bolted for the doors.

"We want to remind you that the graduation ceremony will take place this afternoon at three pm, and that the remedial courses will start next month. Have a good summer," Luna's voice boomed out of the speakers.

Sunset Shimmer walked through the halls smiling, she was happy that school was finally over and she was looking forward to all the fun she and her friends were going to have.

They even saved their money over the year to allow themselves to make a collective vacation, and that very evening they were going to choose what was going to be the destination.

After a year of magic mishaps, from the attack of the sirens, to the Friendship Games, the only thing Sunset wanted was some peace. She was in fact going to propose to spend two weeks at a nice spa she looked up online. It was located in California nearby the sea, and had a review rate of five stars.

Sunset smiled and hoped that the others would like her idea, even if even if Rainbow and Twilight probably would have prefered something else. Rainbow would have wanted to do something exciting, and Twilight probably wanted to visit some highly cultural cities… however, whatever they'd have chosen, she knew that she'd still enjoy it.

She reached the bus station then waited for the bus to come. Twilight and the others joined her shortly.

"Hello Sunset," Twilight greeted her.

"Oh hi Twilight, how was the last day of school?" Sunset asked.

"Good but… kinda short." she answered.

"Twilight my friend, I can safely tell you that school days can't be too short," Rainbow joked, causing everyone to laugh.

Twilight just smiled and rolled her eyes a little.

"Mine was good too, I even set off a party cannon in the classroom when the bell rang!" Pinkie said.

"Woah, did ya get in trouble?" Applejack asked.

"Nope, professor Cranky didn't even budge. It was probably because everybody stampeded out the class, but that's only a guess," Pinkie said smiling, causing the others to chuckle a bit.

"Anyways, where is the party tonight?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"At my place of course!!! I made sure to prepare everything needed to throw the early summer party of the century!!!" Pinkie exclaimed.

"You mean like the one you threw the last year?" Applejack joked.

"Exactly!!! a century is one year in party years!" Pinkie grinned.

"When is it?" Twilight asked.

"Seven pm sharp," Pinkie announced smiling.

"Oh great, I'll be sure to come," Twilight exclaimed to them. "I might be a little late however..."

In that moment a bus arrived and the seven girls got in it.

"Why do you think you'd be late?" Sunset asked while looking for a good seat.

"Oh, I didn't tell you! I have been developing a new magic scanner, with a worldwide examination radius!" Twilight explained

"A… magic scanner? You mean like your spectrometer?" Sunset asked, remembering Twilight's old device.

"Not quite, unlike the old model I made, this one doesn't isolate magic for studying, it just reveals the peaks in magic energy around the world and reports the locations of the major ones on a map," she explained.

"Oh… you made sure it's safe, right?" Sunset asked, remembering what happened during the Friendship Games.

"Yeah I did, it's completely safe. I perfected it thanks to the lessons about magic you gave me during the year," Twilight answered.

"Why did you build it?" Pinkie Pie asked from the seat behind them.

"Because I want to have a better idea of how much magic affects our world, and I want to know if there is anything we should have to worry about on the horizon. Like for example if other magic beings tried to attack our world," Twilight explained,

"Hmm good point," Sunset said.

"Yeah, I wouldn't want another magic monster popping out of nowhere trying to hypnotize me or steal my emotions, whatever," Rainbow Dash said.

"The main program is going to go online this evening if I if I manage to compile it in time. But don't worry, I won't miss the party," Twilight said blinking "Promise."

"You better not miss it!" Rainbow Dash said, patting her.

The bus's door closed shortly after, and the bus moved down the street. One by one the Rainbooms got off and each of them prepared for the great evening.

Location: Earth, Oceania, Sunrise island.

Sunrise island was a very popular tourist destination, thanks to it's beautiful forests, clean white beaches, crystal waters, and above all the waves, which were so epic that they were only rivaled by the ones of Sunset island.

With these conditions the mass and luxurious tourism thrived. Numerous hotels, from the most decaying inn to the most opulent 5 stars hotel, were built all around the coastal area and the pinewood to house the thousands of tourists that came every summer.

However recently the island aroused the interest of the US military and of a private company: the Hubberton corporation, which built a research facility on the farthest side of the island away from prying eyes. It was protected also by the military, which installed multiple walls separating it from the town.

This new interest was given by strange satellite readings, and by some interesting information which came from an unknown source, referring to an abandoned foreign military project. It involved both parties and, above all, the CEO of the Hubberton corporation.

The facility was a complex of geodetic domes and various buildings connected with covered pathways and rails for heavy materials transfer. It even had it's own military harbor. No expenses were spared to build it, everything inside and around domes was state of the art technology imported from around the world. There were touch screen panels at each door and corner, and multi-spectrum cameras in every room and on the outside keeping the place tightly controlled.

The domes ten and nine served for power generation and water purification, eight to six served as storages for food, materials and equipment, the ones from five to two contained the laboratories and various research structures, and in the end the dome number one contained the main computer of the base, the communication center and had a vast underground structure. The rest of the buildings contained the living quarters, the cafeteria, the toilets and an antenna park for long range communications.

After years of construction the final pieces to make it operational were on course, transported by a heavy ship escorted by a convoy of military ships.

The main ship was in the middle of the convoy, it was very large, modern and had a very extensive cargo hold. Soldiers and sailors were dotting the decks of the ship, waiting to reach the destination.

"Here is Captain Lanchaster to Sunrise facility, do you copy?" the man on the bridge of the ship held a transmitter to his mouth.

"Here is harbor sunrise 001, what's the status?" a man at the other side of the radio asked.

"We are approaching the island, we should arrive at the harbor in fifteen minutes. The cargo is in mint conditions and ready for the pickup. There haven't been any transport accidents," the captain said.

"Very well, proceed on this route and prepare to engage the autopilot," the man answered.

"Copy that, over and out," the captain finished, closing the connection and performing the instructions just as ordered.

Minutes later the ship was driven inside the harbor and its men quickly disembarked, while the cargo hold was opened up revealing some machines that looked like very advanced drills, as well as others that looked like oversized hummingbirds.

The procedure was overwatched by the base's executives from a domed control room at the highest point of dome number one.

The room was circular, quite large and had a darkened crystal dome that allowed a 360 view of the base while seeming dark from the outside. There was a self opening spiral staircase in its middle which provided the access, and from it quite large touch screen desks, glass cornerless screens and various computer terminals filled the room radially.

Only an handful of people were needed in that room to run the base as most of it was automized, ten tops in the most critical situations.

As the executives carefully overwatched the unloading of the machines through their screens a section of the dome started to shine and pixels appeared around it forming the frame of a screen, in which the face of a middle age man of british origin was shown. He wore a white jacket and a formal suit of the same colour.

"Status report," the man demanded.

"Right away, sir," one of the executives said, standing up and walking in front of the screen. "The drills have arrived, we'll be ready to begin in 4 hours tops."

"Very good, inform me as soon as the drills are operational, then commence the drilling. Hubberton out," his interlocutor answered, closing the connection thus causing the screen to disappear, reverting the glass back to transparent.

The man returned to his seat in front of a table. After inputting some commands through a touch screen desk the feed from the cameras around the port appeared, showing the crew members of the ship and the base's staff unloading the drills and transferring them to the first dome through the railway.

Twilight passed nearly all the afternoon and part of the evening compiling her magic-finding program, and finally she was a few lines away from finishing.

While being home made, her computer had some of the best pieces of hardware around, as well as a bootcamp with an operating system optimized by Twilight herself. It had a three screens, keyboards of different kinds and languages, a printer, a scanner, and a powerful internet connection via optic fibers and direct to satellite.

"Alright, let's adjust the last variables, verify the connection protocols, and done!" She pressed enter.

The computer started to compile, showing writings and symbols all over the screens. After some moments a model of the globe appeared in the middle of the left one, presenting some luminous points moving all over it, which represented the satellites that Twilight’s computer could access legally. The right one showed lists of satellites, prefixes, servers and locations, as well as graphs and fraunhofer lines.

On the outside her satellite dish started to move and beep, transmitting to one satellite in range at a time and receiving an answer.

"Good, the system is online, the satellites seem to be responding. Now, let's begin the first scan." She typed some commands causing a window to open, showing what looked like an input interface.

"Range of scan: globe, period of scan: twelve hours, sensibility: two fifths." She dialed the last factors into the window, which then collapsed into an icon at the corner of the screen.

"This should do for a test run," she said, clicking on a button labeled ‘commence scan.’

As she did that the points around the globe started to shine and generate radial waves, and under the radar screen an image of the American continent showed up. It presented a bright red colored point in correspondence of her city, meaning that it picked up the magical energy of Canterlot High.

Let's hope there are no bugs anywhere… now if only I had a little more time... she thought, before being interrupted by Pinkie's knocking on the front door.

"HEY TWILIGHT!!! You didn't forget our party right, right?!! Come on, come out, we’re all waiting for you," her cheerful voice reached the second floor.

"HERE I AM!!!" Twilight answered.

"Guess it’s time to activate the mobile interface." She quickly got the phone and held it to the computer’s screen and after pressing a button on it’s side it showed a loading bar. After it was completely filled up, the phone showed exactly the same images as the screen.

"it works!" Twilight triumphantly raised her hands, and then reached her closet, putting on the summer outfit she had prepared for the great evening.

The outfit consisted in a nice pair of jeans, a warm orange tank top and high sole sandals.

After placing Spike in her purse as well as a swimsuit, she exited the front door and reached her friends waiting on the opposite site of the street, nearby a grey minivan.

"Nice dress choice Twilight, those jeans are perfect with that top," Rarity complimented.

"Happy you approve! I remembered your tips about how to combine clothing of different colors, they really helped," Twilight remarked.

"Oh darling it was a pleasure," she answered.

"Alright now girls, less talking and more DRIVING!" Rainbow announced, while Pinkie pushed the horn a couple times.

"Yeah girls, to the party!" Applejack said, swinging her hat.

"Which is at my house!" Pinkie exclaimed, opening the door for Twilight.

As she got in and sat down the car darted through the city to Pinkie's house in the outskirts.

"Ah! What a glorious summer evening! Perfect for the last day of school!" Applejack exclaimed, looking at the beautiful sunset in front of them.

"Or for a party!" Pinkie smiled.

"Yay..." Fluttershy squeaked.

"I have to say I'm very excited about spending the night with all of you. We already had slumber parties, meals together, excursions, and last month I got to celebrate my birthday with friends for the first time. And now I'm going to have my first early summer party!" Twilight exclaimed eagerly.

"Yeah, and trust us, it's gonna be awesome!!!" Rainbow Dash said.

"To lighten up the wait let's play a game! I spy with my little eye anyone?" Pinkie suggested, earning an approving nod from everyone.

"Ah spy with mah little eye..." Applejack looked around the street, until she noticed the city’s park "...the apple tree we planted in the park this spring!"

"Oh right, for the park restoration program, that was one busy day," Fluttershy said.

"Ah, it wasn't that hard." Rainbow Dash put her hands behind her head with a confident and proud smile.

"It was so rewarding, Ah never felt so happy about giving a tree of mine a new home." Applejack smiled looking at the beautiful blooming tree.

"Let's go ahead, I spy with my little eye, the skatepark!" Sunset Shimmer said.

"One of my favorite places in town, and most importantly the very place where I performed my ponified version of the super rotated launch for the first time! Now that was awesome!" Rainbow Dash said.

"Yeah, you really blew their minds with that trick back then," Sunset Shimmer remarked.

"While I'm still unsure about how a person can pony up, I am sure your 360 degrees aerial turn multi-rotated with mid air transformation will allow you to stay on that hall of fame for a long time," Twilight explained.

Rainbow Dash just smiled and relaxed herself on the seat.

"Look! Here is our school! CHS!" Pinkie Pie pointed at the large building with the horse statue in the middle of it’s courtyard.

"All the adventures we had around the city will never top the ones we had there," Applejack exclaimed.

"That's right!!!" Pinkie Pie said.

"The day we competed  in the Friendship Games, the battle of the bands, when we reformed you," Rarity listed all the exciting adventures they’d had.

"I can remember it like if it was yesterday..." Sunset remembered with a smile, "...when you showed me the true magic of friendship."

"The dazzlings!" Pinkie said

"Yeah, and how we kicked their sorry siren butts!" Rainbow Dash remarked.

"No, I mean, I spy with my little eye, the Dazzlings, they are over there around that campfire!" Pinkie pointed at the three sirens seemingly camping in the park nearby the school.

They were wearing the same outfits, but by now they were tattered and dirty. They had one tent between the three of them, which didn't look much better than their clothing. A pot sat next to the remnants of a fire pit.

"From riches to rags as they say." Applejack turned her head away.

"Serves them right for trying to brainwash all of the school and trying to kill us with death voicewaves," Rainbow Dash pointed out simply.

"it's soundwaves," Twilight pointed out.

"Potato tomato," Rainbow Dash answered.

"I hope they aren't having it too bad… they don't look very good to me." Fluttershy looked down as she noticed their torn up clothes and messy hair.

"Oh my, their clothes, the horror… I know they were bad, but I can't stand an uncared for ensemble..." Rarity said, trying not to look at them.

"Let's steer clear of here before she passes out," Rainbow Dash suggested.

"Aaagreed," Pinkie Pie approved, steering rapidly and driving off the siren's campsite, hoping that they didn't notice them…

“I don’t think they saw us… WOAH!!!” Pinkie Pie accelerated quickly upon seeing Aria preparing to throw the pot at them.

The launch wasn’t very good however, and it didn’t hit the van, leaving only an angry siren and other two hungry ones about to join her shortly.

“Oh! now look at what you did!” Adagio yelled at her

“Our dinner...” Sonata frowned looking at the weirdly green soup spread on the street.

Eventually they arrived at Pinkie's house, which was completely equipped for the great party, both on the outside and the inside.

There was summer themed decor all over the place, including surfboards, sunflowers, white sand, a swimming pool with beach toys and torches, while inside there was a nice dancing floor with karaoke in the living room, a buffet loaded with tasty treats in the kitchen and lots of summer-based movies in Pinkie Pie’s room nearby her TV.

"Wow," Twilight said amazed. "This decor is beautiful."

Spike jumped out of her purse and was amazed too. “Cool!”

“I’ll say!” Rarity exclaimed with sparkly eyes. “Where did you find the money to get all this stuff?”.

"I have my secret party contacts…” she whispered in Rarity’s ears with an elusive expression before returning to her normal cheerfulness. ”I wanted to do my best for your first summer party, and what screams summer more than artificial white sand, Karaoke, surf and summer drama movies and a tiger shark?" She bounced around.

At the last item she named everybody except Twilight and Spike was taken aback.

"Pinkie… you didn't really..." Applejack mumbled worriedly.

"Oh of course not silly, I meant that inflatable shark floating in the pool, " she said pointing at one of the beachtoys.

"Oh whew. " Applejack wiped her brow, relieved that even Pinkie wouldn't do something so crazy.

"I tried getting a real one but the aquarium staff was very clear, the pool was too small… Anyway, let's get this PARTY STARTED!!!" Pinkie Pie said, getting a stereo and turning it on at full volume.

The rest of the group joined her shortly, unleashing their party spirit into the night.

After being extracted the machines were placed on some wagons and transferred inside the base via a maglev system. Their first destination was a shed in which they underwent various system checks and inspections to confirm the absence of any abnormality.

They were then moved inside the central dome and through a very large lift they were slid into an underground room. There the drones were connected to recharging stations, and the drills held by some mechanical supports in front of big holes in the floor.

From a separated room a group of technicians were monitoring the status of each one of them using advanced computers. Their screens showed very detailed schemes of the drill’s innerworkings.

"Drills activating, all values in the green zone, fueling at seventy percent. We'll be able to start the excavation procedure in less than an hour," one of them exclaimed in a microphone, while observing the data on the screens.

"Very well, complete the fueling. Start checking the probe drones and keep us informed. Don't take any initiative until Mr. Hubberton is online as well, we'll rally the scouting team," the director ordered, closing the chat-box.

In another dome a group of soldiers was playing a card game.

They were in the area containing the barracks for the security forces and orderlies, as well as the apartment buildings belonging to the executives of the base.

Unlike the apartaments, the dorms had only the most basic things needed for a person to live: bunks, a bathroom, and tables to eat, read and for miscellaneous activities.

Since most of the security force was on duty, all the dorms were mostly empty and one of them was temporarily used as a leisure lounge by the members of the scouting team. They were two men and three women, all dressed up in military uniforms, specifically helicopter flight suits, and were sitting on the ground between two bunks around some cards.

"I call your bluff George," a woman said annoyedly.

"Tough luck for you, Sarah," he answered.

"Go fish," another man, named Rupert, said as his turn arrived.

Before Sarah could draw her card the speakers crackled and the voice of the base directed cut through the conversation. "Scouting team, report to dome one, room A-thirty-one in ten minutes,"

"Well that's our cue," the other woman -named Karla- said, getting up.

"Let's go." George headed to the door.

The four exited the dorm and after getting out of the barracks reached a transport station. It was small and the only things that stood out were a touch screen to call the transports, some benches, some kind of interface, probably used to call the transports, and on the rails there was some kind of modern metro car.

"Looks like they have it ready," Sarah said, taking a seat on it, soon followed by the others.

Once they were all inside, the car closed the doors and started to move towards the central dome following the rails, while reporting the progress on a chart appearing on a screen inside of it.

The seven friends were really having a blast. After a nice karaoke session singing the songs they composed as the Rainbooms at full volume and after watching a summer drama movie, they got quickly to the pool for a game of water polo.

The teams were two: one led by Rainbow Dash, with Fluttershy and Sunset Shimmer, and another one led by Applejack, with Rarity and Pinkie Pie. Twilight and Spike served as a referees.

"Okay girls! Three, two, one… MATCH!" Twilight called.

Pinkie hurled the ball in the air and then served as strongly as she could.

"It’s coming straight for you Sunset!" Rainbow Dash yelled to her friend.

"I got this!" Sunset answered, managing to hit it right before it touched the water passing it to Fluttershy.

"Eeek!" she squeaked, returning it to Rainbow Dash and covering herself.

"Take this!" she screamed, squashing the ball right in Rarity's direction.

"Mmmh very well, not on my nails, not on my nails, not on my..." she whispered, shielding herself and deflecting the ball right in time, sending it in Applejack’s direction.

"Here it comes, Applejack!" Pinkie Pie warned her.

"Thank ya partner, now back to the sender!" Applejack exclaimed, slamming the ball back to the other part of the pool with it heading right for Fluttershy.

"Eeep!" she squeaked again, covering her face with with her hands.

Rainbow Dash tried to intercept the ball but she couldn't stop it from ending up in the water.

"Score!" Applejack yelled. She looked over at Fluttershy who still had her hands over her face. "You okay, Fluttershy?"

"Did it… hit me?" she asked trembling.

"No, it didn't, " Rainbow Dash answered.

"Oh whew… but wait, I caused it to land in the water, didn’t I?" She looked sad and ashamed of having caused the opposite team to score a point.

"No sweat, we aren't going down so easily," Rainbow Dash answered winking. "If you want you can trade places with Sunset so you can stay a little safer."

"Okay," Fluttershy said. Sunset nodded, so they switched.

"Hey Twilight, yah keeping the score?" Applejack asked, but Twilight didn't respond. "Twilight?" Applejack turned towards her, noticing she wasn't paying attention, and instead was looking at her phone.

Applejack coughed a few times to get Twilight's attention. "Twilight..."

"Oh what? Sorry, I wanted to check the progresses of the magic scanner, seems that there is no magic in the African continent so far," she said awkwardly.

"Twilight… you promised you wouldn’t let it distract you from the party," Pinkie Pie pointed out.

"Oh… sorry again, anyways Applejack scored right? I'll use my phone to keep the score," she said, pulling up a score keeping app.

"Okay! Time for some payback!" Rainbow Dash said, taking the ball. "My turn to serve!"
Code Nexus chapter 1-part 1
When Twilight discovers magic coming from a popular tourist destination, the Rainbooms are forced to spend their summer investigating the strange island. But they're not the only ones. Others also venture to the island, each with their own reasons.

In this crossover the following stories will meet: My Little Pony Equestria Girls, Steven Universe, Dexter's lab, Kenny the shark, and last but not least Code Lyoko! Plus there will be my OC.

Link to the next chapter>>juimythecybershark.deviantart.…
Link to folder>> juimythecybershark.deviantart.…


The prize is a Logitech c920 hd pro webcam.

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